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iFarkle app for iPhone and iPad

4.4 ( 6304 ratings )
Games Dice
Developer: SKJM, LLC
0.99 USD
Current version: 1.4, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 16 Oct 2008
App size: 16.08 Mb

iFarkle is an addictive and entertaining 1 or 2 player version of the dice game Farkle (or Farkel) for the iPhone and iPod touch. Play with a friend or against the computer to be the first to achieve more than 10,000 points by rolling the dice for an exciting number of different scoring combinations.

Two-player mode includes the option of automatically flipping the screen between turns for players sitting across from each other at a table, on the floor, in the car, or on a plane.

iFarkle is simple to learn, and fun to play.


The dice rolling mechanism is the same for both human and computer players: It is completely random.

If you are finding that the computer is always beating the pants off of you then you may want to either reduce the Computers Play Style aggressiveness to "Meek" or simply take some chances and play more aggressively yourself. :)


Q : Why doesnt the Pass button seem to be working?
A : Each player must score at least 500 points during a single turn to get into the game. Once this has been achieved any points accumulated during subsequent turns are added to the players total score.

Q : How do you play iFarkle?
A : The rules can be found by tapping the "Help" tab at the bottom of the game screen.

Pros and cons of iFarkle app for iPhone and iPad

iFarkle app good for

I love iFarkle, not too complicated to play but still challenging! Works great with VoiceOver too!
So simple to use, lots of fun indeed! Love this app... For the price unbeatable. I bought more than 20 games and still I play with this one all the time ;)
Almost as fun as real dice! Wonder why six in a row never happens though!
Its ok. Sometimes the computer wins alot and it is frustrating.
Great and fun. Playing with the computer and with another player - fun and entertaining
I like this game, and particularly as it is VoiceOver compatible, as a blind person I can have just as much fun as everyone else with this game.

Some bad moments

The computer opponent has the advantage due to unrealistic dice probabilities.
Might be good but there is a bug. Computer turn will roll ahead an two sixes. You cant do that on your turn. Computer cheating? Not really. Just a bug.
I have never seen a game cheat so much as this. Even following its dice selection patterns, it will roll impossible sequences of numbers to win! Unbelievable. In other words, the game is playing with loaded dice!!
This game cheats but it wastes your time when you are bored!!
I used to enjoy playing. Now the computer always has me lose if I roll on anything. It rolls and rolls and rolls and rolls and is always winning. Whats the point in playing when you can never win?
I used to love this app. But now you will not beat the computer. There is no chance. 90% of the time you WILL lose. Its frustrating and Ive tried different ways to play. The odds are never in your favor!!